week 35

This week was great I didn’t do much but play out side and do fun stuff. I got to wach a q and u wedding for the younger kids. Another thing I did this week was I played  in monopoly  and beat every one. this week wasn’t that interesting, but it is the last full week of 5th grade.FullSizeRender1

Week 34

This week was one of the best weeks of the school year, but one of the last weeks of 5th grade. I had a lot of fun in this class, and with my friends. Some things I did this week was we picked radishes last week and then we ate them this week, Also I got to make a commercial for a boy named Lucas who is fighting cancer. Another thing I did, was make movie scripts for our movie we are going to to shoot today. Well as always, byeIMG_6446

Week 33 of 5th grade

This week was great, one of my friends Aaron was first in ticket to read, so we get another pizza party so that will be  fun.Also We are going to do a science experiment, so that will be fun. Last thing that is awesome is there is 14 DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT! So if you can’t wait  for summer that will be great. So, as always well bye.

Week 32 of 5TH Grade

This week was great. We have another person named Aaron that is battling with4th graders for number one , but he is far ahead of them. Another great thing I did this week, was I am going to play with my reading buddies. I also did some test prep, which was boring. But I  think I’ll do good I got a zero on two of my tests, and One minus three. The last thing I did this week was, seeing our school choir Well that was my week, so well byeFile Apr 21, 2 25 52 PM

Week 31

This week was another great week. I got to do a lot of stuff that I am grateful that I can do.  My class is raising money for a boy in our school named Lucas. He was diagnosed with cancer so we are praying that he makes it through; my school is giving him a lot of support. Another thing I did this week, was my movie it’s called “Schools Out”. That was mainly  my week I will have pizza later so well bye.